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Challenge others to a click test duel!

The ultimate Click Test Challenge in office with colleagues, with your friends or with the whole family. Challenge others to a Click Speed Test Duel and show them who can click faster. Try to get as many clicks as possible before the time runs out. You can set the length of the Clicker Test between 1 and 60 seconds. The time runs like a countdown. Just click on the blue area to start a game.

A challenging game to test your CPS, dexterity, reaction and speed with a mouse or your fingers and compete with other players. Choose a long game time to test your stamina - can you hold it for 60 seconds at a continuous high typing speed? Or are you a fast starter and manage more than 10 clicks in just one second?

With 10 or more clicks per second, you're faster than average and thus have an exceptional CPS score that you can further improve with practice. But even a beginner starts small or slower. The Clicker Test is simple, so you can quickly improve from round to round.

Have you clicked the wrong way, or are you out of rhythm and don't want to wait until the countdown to the next round runs out? Then just finish and start a new game with just one click on the "Repeat" button.

How can you click faster?

A few tips and tricks on how to click even faster.

  • Hold the mouse with one hand (your weaker hand) so that the mouse does not slip when you click with the other hand.
  • The mouse pointer should point to the blue area of the Clicker Test.
  • You have to press the click button of the mouse with your fingers as fast as you can with the other hand.
  • You can also try clicking the mouse button with two fingers alternately.
  • The distance between your finger and the mouse should be as small as possible to save time and thus clicks, which can make the winner of the clicker test.
  • Repetition! After a few rounds of play, you'll have gotten used to it or optimized your clicking behavior and loosened up and warmed up your fingers.
  • Good luck and above all have fun!

What does CPS mean?

CPS is an abbreviation and in this case it stands for Click Per Second. It also stands for Counts Per Second. The CPS is the number of clicks you make with your mouse or finger in a predefined period of time. The CPS is thus a unit of measurement for the count rate, i.e. a succession frequency of measurement signals counted as time-separated "seconds" of individual events (clicks).

The unit CPS is in principle equivalent to the unit Hertz (Hz). Hz is normally used for periodic events, but CPS is used for counting events that are randomly distributed in time. Random for the reason that you always need different amounts of time between each click, even if it is usually in the range of tenths, or hundredths of a millisecond.

The CPS is an important value when it comes to your click speed with the mouse or finger in games. Have you ever played games on your smartphone where you have to tap something as fast as possible to perform an action or unlock an item? Or using the mouse to click as fast as possible to craft something in role-playing games or shoot quickly in shooter games?

Of course, the Clicker Test only gives a value that doesn't have to be crucial in games like, for example, your Aim (accuracy with the mouse) in some games. For this we also have a matching Aim-Trainer, with which you can test your accuracy with the mouse. Therefore the Click Test is more a game to measure yourself with others in terms of clicking and typing speed. How many Clicks Per Second do you manage? How many CPS do your colleagues or friends manage?

How is the CPS calculated?

The Click Test calculates your CPS automatically based on your playing time and the number of clicks you have. As an example, you select a playing time of 30 seconds. In the 30 seconds you have made 58 clicks. The 58 clicks are now your CPS for 30 seconds. It is important to consider the given playing time in addition to the CPS. From experience, the longer such a clicker test takes, the slower you become.

You can set the playing time between 1 second and 60 seconds. It is hard to believe, but even in one second several clicks of 10 and more are possible. The Click Test counts automatically from the first click you make on the blue area, so you can start a Click Test game directly without losing valuable time.

Mobile with the Click Test

The Click Test also works on smartphones and tablets. Instead of clicking with your mouse, you have to tap with your finger. On mobile, just pull up the page and it automatically adapts on any smartphone and tablet, so you can play on the go from anywhere. An optimized design for at least the same gaming fun as on the desktop with the mouse.


How does the Clicker Test work?

To start a Click Game, click on the blue area with your mouse or finger on your smartphone/tablet. The Clicker Test starts with the first click. Before the game, you can select how long the Clicker Test should run. You can choose between 1 second and 60 seconds. The Click Test can be canceled at any time.

Is the Clicker Test free to use?

Yes, all functions are free to use. You can also use the Aim Trainer for free.

The Clicker Test does not work.

Check if a browser plugin prevents the Clicker Test from working. If the error persists, please contact

What is the Aim Trainer?

The Aim Trainer is a free game in which you can test your accuracy with the mouse. Different targets are displayed at different positions, on which you have to click with the mouse as fast as possible.