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The Clicker Test Challenge!

The ultimate click challenge at work with colleagues, friends or family. Challenge others to a Clicker Duel and show them what you've got. Try to make as many clicks as possible before time runs out. You can adjust the game duration between 1 second and 60 seconds. Just click on the blue area to start a game, or click Repeat to cancel a running game. The Clicker Test also works on smartphones and tablets. Instead of clicking with the mouse, you have to tap with your finger.

How to tipp fast: Hold the mouse firmly with one hand (your weaker hand) to prevent it from slipping. The mouse pointer must point to the blue area of the Clicker Test. With the other hand you have to press the click button with one finger as quickly as possible. You can also try this with two fingers. The distance between finger and mouse should be small to save time and therefore clicks.

Good luck and have fun!